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What Does Spiritual Mean and What is Spirituality to You?

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Our galaxy - what does spiritual mean?


What does spiritual mean? What does it mean to be a spiritual person? What is spirituality to you?

Well, many people often find it hard to define spirituality, mostly because it involves many different concepts. Spiritual is defined to as that which relates or affects the human spirit or the soul as opposed to physical or material things. Spirituality is a broad concept with a room for numerous perspectives. In general, spirituality may refer to the ultimate or immaterial reality or connection to something bigger than oneself or an inner path enabling a person to discover the intrinsic nature of their being. Spirituality is also referred to as the deepest values and meanings by which people live.

Spirituality generally places a deep emphasis upon the well-being of the “mind-body-spirit”. This means that all activities that lead towards goodness, greater perfection, and wholeness, whether physical, emotional, or intuitional, can be said to be spiritual. For example, scientists working hard on finding the cure for cancer do spiritual work or rather, they are spiritual. They are working hard to bring a greater good to people around the world- the cure. We can simply say that spiritual values are defined by the growth, synthesis, widening horizons, wholeness, understanding, integration and greater vision.


The spiritual eye - What does spirituality mean to you?


What Does it Really Mean to be a Spiritual Person?

What does being spiritual mean to you? Saying your prayers every morning and evening and attending the church service every Sunday? Does that make you spiritual? Are you a spiritual person because you meditate and practice yoga on a daily basis? Does it mean you are spiritual because you are devoted to following the teachings of the Bible or belong to a spiritual group?

Well, the answer is no to all these. Being a spiritual person does not necessarily mean that you are religious. And being a religious person does not mean that you are a spiritual person. Also, being religious doesn’t mean practicing activities (yoga, meditation, etc.) that are considered as spiritual. Being spiritual basically means that your highest priority is loving oneself and others as well. A spiritual person cares for people around them, animals, and even the planet. A spiritual person devotes himself in the spirit of “Oneness” because he perfectly knows that everyone is equal despite their religious backgrounds, race, gender or even wealth. For example, you can be a religious person who says his prayers every day but do not love or care for others. You could be meditating daily, but your actions do not reflect the traits of a loving, caring person.




Spirituality and Religion

Many people often confuse spirituality with religion. As stated earlier, people can be both spiritual and religious, but it’s also possible to be religious and not spiritual, and vice versa.

The terms religious and spiritual have been used synonymously to describe different angles to the concept of religion. However, the term religion is a highly opposed term with scholars. For example, Russell McCutcheon, a scholar, argues that the term religion refers to a “seemingly distinct domain of a variety of items of human activity and production.”

Spirituality on the other hand has a clearer definition than religion and scholar definitions. According to Siobhan Chandler, spirituality is basically made up of three distinct parts: nature, divine wisdom from a high power, and oneself.

In general, it would be right to conclude that being spiritual is not the same as being religious. There are many people who pray every day, practice yoga or meditate, practice a religion or belong to a spiritual group and devotedly follow the teachings, but are still not spiritual.

Being spiritual means;

  • Showing kindness towards others, animals, and the planet
  • Realizing that there exists something bigger, a power that is greater than yourself
  • Learning to honor the spirit of Oneness, and;
  • Learning to be kind to yourself as it leads to kindness towards others


Gazing at God - What does spirituality mean to you?


What Does Spirituality Mean To You?

As earlier discussed, spirituality is a broad concept with a large room for many different perspectives.

This solely focuses on you and what you think spirituality really is. Are you the kind of a person who feels that your spirituality is directly linked to your association and utmost devotion to the church, mosque, temple or synagogue? Are you the kind of a person who finds that your spiritual life is linked to prayer or finding comfort in a personal relationship with a power greater than yourself or God. Are you the kind that seeks meaning through your connection to art or nature?

Well, regardless of what you think spirituality means to you, you should know that your personal definition or rather your understanding of the meaning of spirituality may change throughout the various stages or events in your life. Your spirituality may change based on the adaptation of your experiences in life as well as relationships.


Spirituality Questions

As a spiritual seeker, questions play a major role in your life as well as your spiritual journey. Most certainly, you are already having conversations with your soul- seeking answers that will guide you on your spiritual path.


Here are some spiritually connected questions about life and identity.

  • Do I feel divine in others?
  • Am I a good person?What defines and distinguishes a good person from a bad one?
  • Does everything happen for a reason?
  • Where does my happiness come from
  • What are my deepest fears?
  • What does love mean to me?
  • Am I deeply connected with my heart?
  • Am I connected to the nature around me?
  • What does my suffering mean?
  • How can I live a good life?
  • What is my inspiration?
  • What is my deepest intention?


Maybe one of the ways to learn more about spirituality is to find out what exactly it means to you and to others despite their religion or religious beliefs, their preferences, practices, or even traditions.It should also involve taking a look around in a bid to understand what informs your understanding and beliefs of the world around you.


What Does Spiritual Mean Video

Although the guy talking in this video sounds like he’s drunk on spirits (I’m sure he’s not of course), he makes a lot of sense. ThoughtRabbit thinks he talks of spirituality as if he’s on the same page with this article. And he is. What do you think?




Do you agree with this article? Personally, what does spirituality mean to you? Please leave a comment below…

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  1. Do you think an atheist, agnostic, skeptic, nonbeliever, secular, humanist or free thinker can be spiritual?

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