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Spiritual Symbols of Importance and Meaning

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Different Spiritual Symbols

Each and everyone of us is blessed with the ability to attain deep insight from simply looking at spiritual symbols, all around us. Through centuries, these spiritual symbols were able to deliver and merge intangible and supernatural rays of truth into a single graphic image and has been utilized for a wide range of purpose.

That said, here are some of the most common spiritual symbols, that we should all be familiar with.


1. All-Seeing Eye

A Universal Symbol


spiritual symbols-all seeing eye

The all seeing-eye is considered to be a popular symbol that represents the inner vision, spiritual sight, higher knowledge, and insight into occult mysteries.

If the all-seeing eye has been drawn with a pyramid base below, this turns into a masonic symbol for the all-seeing eye of god. You can see this symbol in the $1 bill.


2. Bagua

The Center of the Balanced Life



Those who want to achieve a balanced health and life in their home are advised to have this Feng Shui symbol hung on their front door, because each position can be a representation of specific life correlation to the health of a person and his home.


3. Spiral

The Universal Pattern of Growth and Evolution


It’s the oldest symbol for spiritual practices ever since. It’s a reflection of the universal pattern of evolution and growth, while being a representation of the goddess of fertility, womb, and life force energy at the same time.

When the spiral is used as a personal talisman, it helps the consciousness to reflect on life and accept the changes happening.


4. Lotus Flower

A Sign of Enlightenment


Lotus flower spiritual symbol

This flower is an integral symbol of Buddhism and in other cultures because it represents the sense of enlightenment. It’s also the symbolization of the anja-chakra or third eye in the Hindu culture where this flower balances the feminine and masculine energy.

Likewise, it can also represent one’s journey into inner transformation, which can be compared to the petals gliding from the flower.


5. Hamsa

A Universal Sign for Protection



The Hamsa or five digits of the hand is popularly known to be the sign of security and it’s used to protect oneself against any form of harm or danger. Also, it is said that whoever wears this symbol would not encounter any harmful elements. It is also the Arabic translation of the word “five,” which is the representation of the hands and has been always described as the symbol for security.


6. Yin Yang

The Representation of Harmony


Ying Yang Spiritual Symbols

The Yin and the Yang are the representation of the harmony, wherein the feminine and masculine energies become one. It also serves as a message that equilibrium is very important if you want to live a harmonious life.


7. The Snake

The Most Well-Known Spiritual Symbol


Snake Spiritual Symbols

The snake symbol is either praised or feared depending on one’s belief. In some cultures, they worship this animal, while for others, it’s greatly frowned upon. Christianity considers the snake as the “devil,” and in some Western cultures, it symbolizes primordial life energy, rebirth, and death.


8. Alchemy

The Magical Circle


magic circle spiritual symbols

The alchemy symbol is pretty simple, as it exemplifies the blending of different geometric shapes, astrological signs, and elemental symbols. Where each part of the symbol represents different “elements” and forces required for magical work in the quest of spiritual clarification and physical transformation.

The second symbol in alchemy supersedes the above triangle with a hexagram, and there are additional shapes within the ‘magical circle.’ There’s a cross, and extra circle with the Hindu at the bottom.


9. Pentacle

The Symbol of Wiccan Religion


pentacle spiritual symbol

The pentacle is the main representation of the Wiccan religion where they define it as something that symbolizes man. Those who bear this symbol believe that it protects them against evil, because the top part of the pentacle stand for the spirit, and the other 4 points are the representation of four different elements– water, air, earth, and fire.


10. Eagle

The Great Spirit



The eagle symbolizes an ageless spirit or important spirit in many cultures– from Native American traditions to Christianity. Being depicted as the Maker of All, the eagle is the great swayer of the skies, and in the bible, it has been said that these animals lead the disciples to the tree of life.


11. Tree of Life

The World Tree



The world tree continues to signify various traditions and religions for more than centuries around the world. It’s associated with life, birth, death, and reincarnation. In other religions, such as Christianity, the tree of life was the tree that bears the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate in the Garden of Eden.

Also, shamans use this symbolism to journey between three worlds– the lower, upper, and center. I’s very divine to those that exercise Asatru and it’s believed that the world tree might also be a metaphor of the mind.


11. Ankh

The Symbol of Egyptians


ankh spiritual symbol

The Ankh is a representation of life for Egyptians. They believe that the Ankh is used during sexual intercourse as a way to regenerate sexual energy during orgasm. Aside from that, the Ankh is also known to be a symbol of regeneration and eternal life.


12. Caduceus

The Medical Symbol


caduceus spiritual symbol

The Caduceus can often be found in most healthcare organizations. It’s a classic insignia of Hermes where two snakes wind around a winged staff.

This symbol signifies Mercury, but it’s also the representation of initial life force and energy. Wherein the double snakes represent the Kundalini energy soaring from the bottom of the spine, one is masculine, and the other one is feminine. They intertwine with the other, to gain wings.


13. Flower of Life

A Symbol of Sacred Geometry


flower of life spiritual symbol

The flower of life is found in almost all religions all over the world, and it’s considered as one of the most notable symbols of sacred geometry.

Basically, the flower of life contains ancient spiritual values that symbolize the important forms of all time and space, while the flower of life serves as the design of creation.

The flower bears a secret of symbols that’s popularly known as the Fruit of Life; where one can observe the important secrets the universe has to reveal.


Different Spiritual Symbols Video

More information about the spiritual symbols above, plus a few additional symbols is depicted in this short video.


Do any of these spiritual symbols mean something special to you? Please leave a comment below…

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