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Can Spiritual Readings from a Spiritual Psychic Reveal the Future?

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When people want to have spiritual readings, the motivation is usually something in their life that is bothering them. It could be love, work, money, education or health that has you looking for a psychic. Everybody wants a peek into their future: We are anxious to know the outcomes of the situations that affect our lives.

Have you ever wondered how they do it though? How is someone able to see into the future or tell you things about yourself that no one else knows? It all boils down to spiritual awareness. Of course, seeing the future is an awesome thing but it is not as easy as it may seem. Seeing the future is something that develops slowly until it becomes easier to understand what you see. Clairvoyance is something that requires one to have the utmost discipline and patience in order to achieve a good psychic reading.


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Can Spiritual Readings Reveal the Future?

Those that have the ability to see the future will tell you that they did not wake up one day and decide to become soothsayers, it just happened and all they did is develop the skill. After you have grown spiritually that you are able to tap into other peoples’ consciousness and see things they cannot about themselves you realize that there are two ways of seeing the future. One way is voluntarily looking into the future and sometimes it happens involuntarily.

Voluntary visions are done by remote viewers and psychics. These are usually people who have accepted their abilities and have taken time to horn their skill into something they can use at any time they choose to. Remote viewers have been used by the police and even by the C.I.A to help make breakthroughs in tough cases. The natural tendencies of the remote viewer can get much better with skills than the psychic’s abilities.

Involuntary visions usually occur without the effort of the subject. They tend to happen when in deep meditation or when sleeping. More often than not these involuntary visions involve the individual seeing them. It could be a job layoff or the loss of a loved one; however, it does not necessarily have to be an unfortunate event. Involuntary visions can happen to all of us, we all have the ability to see visions of such kind. For most of us, however, that is as far as the ability goes and sometimes you can’t even understand why you keep having the same dream. There are those who are drawn to develop their ability and even those who are not gifted as such can become better with time.


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How Does a Spiritual Psychic See the Future?

It is an interesting question because if you consider our eyesight, human beings cannot see too far away. We can only perceive things for a short distance after which everything becomes shapes and colors.

The thing with spiritual readings is that they deal with frequencies and vibrational patterns. Events that are global or deeply personal have a greater imprint than mundane stuff like what your neighbor is wearing today. This means that bigger events that have a greater impact to your life or the masses generate bigger frequencies. With larger frequencies these events can extend over longer lengths of non-linear time and space. Na event the size of 9/11 will be seen months, even years before it occurs. Since it’s all to do with our inner person you find that pleasant events have a much more subtle vibration and might not be seen too early or even seen at all. Catastrophic events that impact greatly on our emotions have greater vibrations so a natural phenomenon that is catastrophic will be seen decades before it happens.


So Small Vibration Events are Off Limits?

The fact that larger frequencies are required to see something does not mean that we cannot entirely see good things before they happen. These can be seen but not clearly. A lot of the times one sees these kinds of events it’s not clear and all they go by the emotion it evokes in them. Emotion is the most reliable thing in such a case. It is also highly unlike that one has a vision about a good thing involuntarily; however, those who have sharpened their abilities can probe their higher self and pick up any occurrence whether big or small.


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The Future Can be Changed

One thing about seeing a spiritual psychic is the feeling that the future is set in stone. The logic is that if the psychic saw it then it’s bound to happen. That is not exactly true. All the psychic does is gain knowledge about the future which they then share with you. For instance if a psychic sees a bad illness in your future that is brought about by your kind of lifestyle changing the way you live definitely alters the future. However, if nothing is done to change the course of things then the most likely thing is that everything will happen like it was foretold.


We Can Change the Future

The clairvoyant tells you what they see so that they put you in a place of knowledge. That being the main reason you consult a spiritual psychic, you should know what to do with the knowledge they share with you. Your beliefs, personal choices and attitudes shape who you are.


How Do You Get the Most Out of a Psychic Reading?

There are a lot of things that you can do to make the most of your visit to the psychic. The first thing you need to do is be open. Sure the psychic sees things that you don’t know but the interpretation of these things can only be made better if they have a basis to build up on. Another thing that you just have to do is come prepared. It’s basic since everything in life needs the right kind of preparation. For this kind of experience your preparation has to do with your mind and your spiritual awareness. Psychic readings are all about energies. Have some personal time of silence and be keen on whatever you feel at this time. Write down questions that you might have for the psychic in case you forget them.

The information you get from a medium or clairvoyant can help you shape your future whether in the long or short term. It helps you identify inner truths that might have stayed hidden even to yourself.


Live Spiritual Reading Video

Experience a real spiritual reading right now by watching this spiritually seductive video. ThoughtRabbit feels quite hypnotized by the girl in this video. What do you think?




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