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What Are Your Spiritual Beliefs?

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What are your spiritual beliefs?

The following are my understandings and beliefs. I may have misunderstood some things, but nevertheless they are what they are. I have added videos (as appropriate as I could find), to where I think can help reflect what I am trying to explain.

Keep an Open Mind

I am both skeptical and spiritual by nature (as I understand everybody is a spiritual being whether they know it or not), but I find it incredibly hard to view my beliefs as absolute. And thus, I keep an open mind.

I try to understand in terms of possibilities rather than of actual beliefs.

I am not a religious zealot, although some of my views do line up with many aspects from scripture.

Spiritual Understandings Change

The following are my views on spirituality at this time (early 2018). Things could change and undoubtedly will, so by the time you are reading this, my views could very well have changed. Aspects to why I may change my views will likely be because of…

New scientific discoveries, personal spiritual evolution, renewed understanding, or a combination of those.

Science and Spirituality

First of all, Along with spirituality, I also hold science in high regard. I understand science to be a vital practice for humanity in the pursuit of understanding.

To me, science and spirituality go hand in hand, and when the two work in harmony together, that is when real breakthroughs can happen. For example, I often see similarities between ancient spiritual wisdom and modern scientific theory. Understanding these sometimes amazing correlations can end up being profoundly enlightening.

Formulating Spiritual Views

To understand my spiritual views, I must look at my understanding of life itself and what reality really is. I must look into what I truly understand about what science has already answered, and all the possibilities it poses. I also must look into my spiritual understandings, check in with my intuition and correlate it all together and see what aligns.

If after under scientific scrutiny, my ideas still remain possible (or probable), then they become my views. Of course, I might not be understanding the science correctly (or even the spiritual for that matter), and so I could very well be deluding myself in this pursuit. However, because my mind is always open, I am able to alter these understandings if needed whenever I become aware of something I might have got wrong.

That said, the following are my findings. Some of these views may seem to contradict with others, but if you change the perspective slightly and see it as metaphoric, you might to be able to understand how I can hold both without seeming overly hypocritical.

My Spiritual Views

1/ GOD –

It’s possible there might not be a God who created the universe and all of existence. Perhaps some super advanced higher being from some Godlike race of aliens in a far away galaxy designed and created our reality.

Or perhaps God created our universe but he himself was created from an even more advanced God (a god that a human being could not even imagine). The mind can really start to boggle when thinking how crazy this line of thinking could get. The creator of the creator of the creator of the creator etc…

Or.. perhaps nobody created or designed the universe or our existence at all, perhaps it just mysteriously happened all by itself, out of absolutely nothing.

If any of that is what you believe, that’s absolutely fine with me, however I don’t personally think it’s very likely myself. It just becomes speculative imagination at that point. So all I can do is weigh up the evidence of what I do know, and then make up my mind on what I think is the most likely.

They say the big bang came out of a singularity. What the heck is a singularity, and how did that come about? Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe in the big bang, I just think some sort of divine intelligence initiated it.

In saying all of that, it is my opinion that the most likely scenario is that…

There is one God and this God created everything (including itself).

Keep reading and you might be able to piece together enough to see how I have come to have this view.



Reality is a massive quantum field designed by God and initiated through the big bang.

This field or domain is incredibly dynamic and deeply complex. (It is actually a pixelated coded language.)

It includes every possibility ever conceived, including all that I just explained above about the designer possibly being one of infinite Gods or even someone else entirely. So all though I see it as one God, this one God also includes the possibility of other Gods within it. (I know that doesn’t quite make sense, but what I’m trying to say is… if there are other gods or creators, they are all part of what I understand as the one God.)

This field or domain may also be understood as the foundation of existence which includes infinite possibilities within the space time continuum.

It is one big neural network spanning space and time,

BUT it only exists when it is observed.

Reality is made of information which is created by conscious observation. AND it is its own creator. This means…

Reality is actually God. Yes indeed… REALITY IS GOD!



But let’s look at it as a field. That is easier to digest. I see it as a massive field of information. It is continually expanding by self creating new information. It also happens to be the most accurately correct scientific model of reality in existence.

Although the field consists of several realms or dimensions, only two are in the grasps of the human beings awareness. These are the familiar physical realm in which we physically live our everyday lives, and the spiritual realm which we also have the potential to be relatively aware of (which also happens to be our true reality).



The spiritual realm is divine and although connected to the physical realm (through our souls) it is also directly connected to the creator (God). However… the physical realm doesn’t actually exist. There really is only one dimension in which we live, and that is the spiritual realm or collective consciousness.

The physical realm is just an illusion constructed by our consciousness. It is a virtual constructed realm, a virtual reality. (I explain this in more detail further on down this transcript, and it is also explained very well in the video above.)

The spiritual realm is actually made up of many different clusters of energy. These energies have frequencies that vibrate outside of what our physical senses normally allow.

Although change happens, it is not initiated in the spiritual world (change is determined by our actions in the physical realm), a lot of learning still takes place here.



The collective consciousness is just scientific way of describing the spirit world. I also like to combine both spiritual and scientific, and see it as the consciousness of God. In reality however, it is combined with Gods consciousness. It can be perceived as a combined consciousness field within the ultimate field.

The main components making up the collective consciousness come from a combination of many many different energy clusters (formed by individual units of consciousness with similar frequencies binding together), and Gods own consciousness. In other metaphoric words, groups of souls gathering together, at varying distances away from God, although still remaining connected to God.

Although the collective consciousness or spiritual realms are normally only accessed after the physical body dies, a human being in the physical world can become aware of it via various spiritual practices.

In fact, with practice, a human being is capable of experiencing the sensations of pure consciousness at any time they like. One of the best modalities to become aware of the greater consciousness, and indeed the higher self is meditation.

The collective consciousness can also be perceived as a smaller group of combined individual units of consciousness, and not as the entirety of all, like implied above. Any number as long as it’s more than one, can be a seen as a collective consciousness. For instance, a group of people praying for the same thing, all at the same time, in the same room, could effectively create a collective consciousness.

In fact, there is a rather interesting study scientists are conducting called the global consciousness project. It effectively uses instruments to reflect the presence and activity of collective consciousness in the world. See the video directly below to see how the global consciousness project works.



Every human being has a soul, the part of us which connects to the spiritual realm. The soul is also known as the higher self which is our true self. This is the part of us which observes (and there by formulating the physical realm).

The soul is essentially vibrating energy which vibrates at a frequency beyond our physical senses. This energy directly melds into the larger consciousness which also has this same frequency (or part of it does).

As the collective consciousness is connected to God, so to is our soul.



The higher self can also be scientifically perceived as an individual unit of consciousness. Each IUOC is directly connected to, and part of, the larger consciousness or God consciousness (Christ consciousness).

When I say soul, I am talking of this.



There are various religious beliefs based on scripture which have some profound truth to them. One of the most significant of these (and the one that I identify with personally) is the story of Jesus Christ.

I hate religion, but I love Jesus. Right now, this very minute, even as I type these words, I hear the news on TV in the background. I am literally transcribing this as I hear it… “100 people killed by a car bomb in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda claims responsibility.”

This is precisely why I hate religion. It is responsible for so much evil in the world. There is just so much injustice, cruelty, hate, and fear. It could be any religious denomination, they can all be radicalized. It’s so awful. And this is why, I hate religion, but love Jesus.

Although my views of the Bible and Christianity differ from most Christians in many aspects, I do still believe that… Jesus Christ was indeed God in human form. He is not simply an important figure, teacher, prophet or messiah from our past, he really is God itself.

As a human being, Jesus lived a sinless life setting the ideal for us all. He indeed sacrificed his own life (he was crucified on the cross) for our sins, and then he was resurrected three days later. This was an incredibly selfless act and it is far more important than I first realized. The reason this act is so important is because he was the only human being capable of being accepted by God. And because it was indeed a sacrifice for us, we can indeed be saved also. It simply would not be possible otherwise. Lucky, aren’t we?

So although this sounds pretty much like a conventional Christian understanding, my views start to alter a bit from that point on.

I do not believe in hell as most seem to perceive it. I do however, believe there are energies existing in the spiritual realm which have very low frequencies. Some of these low frequency vibrational energy clusters are indeed very unpleasant to experience (this is as close to hell as I believe). Because of karma, people who have led wicked lives and have committed atrocious sins will indeed find themselves in such a place after they die. However, I do not believe this experience is eternal. They will eventually reincarnate.

Similar to what Christianity states, if you sincerely repent your sins, and truly believe Jesus sacrificed his own life to save us from such a miserable fate (and understand how lovingly selfless an act this truly was, and are sincerely grateful), you will indeed be spared from ending up in these low frequency energy clusters. Instead, you will be transformed into a much higher frequency energy cluster.

I explain in more detail what happens after you die further on down this transcript, but essentially I believe there is an unlimited number of of energy clusters that make up the parts of the spiritual realm. They range from very high frequency vibrational energies to very low. The better you follow the teachings of Jesus, the more likely your soul will evolve and end up in a high frequency energy space.

Everybody (every soul) ends up in one of these energy clusters, and depending on various factors, they may stay there for some time before they reincarnate again.

The incredible story of Jesus Christ holds the key to understanding life itself.

Backed by often seemingly unrelated scientific findings and theories, the word of Christ can reveal incredibly profound answers to some of the most important questions mankind and science has ever considered.

For example, one of my favorites is…

“For the life of the flesh is in the blood” – Jesus Christ.

This of course refers to the DNA present in the blood (which holds the key components of what makes up the person).

I believe that by interpreting the bible in the right way, we can learn the truth of reality directly in line with modern science.



I am not sure of the reasons why God created this existence, it is far beyond my knowledge (although I do believe he did it out of pure love).

However I do know that he created an ultimate purpose for his creation. The purpose of existence as we know it is to evolve. No matter which way you look at it, evolution is the goal.

It is already very well accepted that evolution of the species is prominent in our physical realm, however it is evolution of the soul, which is the ultimate purpose for our existence. Spiritual evolution.

The following video from the yogi perspective has a lot of information I agree with, but not everything. It does however, reflect quite well my views in general.

Evolution is a spiritual phenomenon. As we evolve, our potential is gradually realized and actualized, until eventually we become one with God himself.



Within each and every realm or dimension, and indeed the field itself, there are two common influencing energies. Love and Fear.

Love is like a cosmic glue that bounds everything together. It fights against entropy.

Fear is the opposite of love and is what allows entropy to occur.

Both exist in every single dimension including the spiritual and physical dimensions, every single individual unit of consciousness, and every single physical living organism. However, it is only in the physical realm where these forces play out to instigate change.

In the spiritual realms, everything is much more balanced out, and although love and fear still exist, there is very little change. Energies are already in there right places. There is only truth in the spiritual realms and therefore there is no irrational fear. However, in the physical realm, irrational fear is rife.

In the physical realm, love and fear are much more effectual, and they bring about much change. The human being has massive influence in this, and his potential is far greater than most of us are aware of. This can be both positive and negative, so it must be gotten a grip of.

In all realms (but especially the physical), love must overcome fear to keep entropy at bay, allowing for evolution to proceed.



Our real home in this existence, is within the spiritual realms (the greater consciousness domain). This amazing domain contains billions of souls, all of which are interconnected.

This is where we end up after our physical body dies. It can also be accessed through various spiritual practices, especially meditation and astral projection.

The astral realms simply refer to the different clusters of energy (discussed earlier) existing in the spiritual world.

While in this dimension, our experience seems even more real than our time as human beings in the physical dimension.

Some people refer to this place as the astral realms or the astral plains, however it is not actually a different place at all. It is rather, a different dimension, but still the same place.

As souls (higher selves) in the astral plains, existence is void of anything physical whatsoever. It is fluid.

Communication is telepathic and thought is what dominates everything that happens. It’s hard to imagine thought without a brain, but in this realm, your very thought is actually your very self.

Although everything is well balanced in the spiritual realms, and where it’s supposed to be, it is still affected by love and fear and still has entropy.

Despite love and fear existing, change is very difficult to manifest in the spiritual realms, and thus must be tackled in the physical realm.

What happens in the physical realm is directly responsible for what happens in the spiritual. As love and fear play out in the physical world, determining a souls evolutionary development, the consequence is reflected in the spiritual realms.



Reincarnation is true. Souls enter human bodies to experience a physical life.

Being in a physical body within a physical environment, a soul may experience physical sensations and consequences not attainable otherwise.

Experiencing a human life offers a soul numerous opportunities to evolve.

This is where the saying Life is a gift comes from.

Souls will reincarnate several times, perhaps tens of thousands of times or more. Although I don’t really know exactly how many times, it could very well be in the trillions. A soul will reincarnate as many times as necessary until it has evolved enough to reach a high enough vibrational level to move on.

Past lives can be remembered through various spiritual practices with hypnotherapy being the most convincing (as the following video depicts).

When a soul has evolved enough, it will no longer need to reincarnate. At this stage, a soul may take on a new role such as remaining in the spirit realm as a spirit guide. Spirit guides help other souls with their transgression from the physical to the spiritual. Among other things, spirit guides also known as Angels (very high vibration level beings) can enter into the physical realm to undertake various acts of mercy.

There are many more roles a soul can take on, all of which contribute to the overall goal of spiritual evolution.

Eventually a soul will evolve to the point where he is one with God himself.

Each time a soul returns to experience a human life, his memory, and understanding of his existence as a soul is blocked. This is by design so that the soul may make decisions without any bias.

Sometimes there may be residual memories of past lives or the spiritual realms (greater consciousness), but generally there are none.

However, as I already mentioned, a soul can sometimes remember. A soul can recover some of this information through various spiritual pursuits, meditations, and even psychedelic plant medicines. Depending on each souls individual intention, doing so may help or hinder their overall objective.



The pineal gland is regarded as one of the most important parts of the nervous system, but it’s shrouded in mystery. However I believe it is the part of the physical being which is responsible for activating ones spiritual awareness.

Commonly referred to by spiritual and mystical traditions as the third eye, the pineal gland is essentially a spiritual antenna. It has been seen as a way to reach higher levels of consciousness while still being present in the physical realm.

This concept of the pineal gland being, the seat of the soul (coined by Rene Descartes), a spiritual gateway to all realms and all dimensions, is important to realizing its full functionality. Plato believed it was connected to the realms of thought and called it the eye of wisdom.

Shaped just like a pine cone, the pineal gland is about the size of a pea, and sits directly behind, and slightly above the eyes. It is behind and above the pituitary gland, and connected to the third ventricle. It works in harmony with the hypothalamus gland, which directs the body’s thirst, hunger, sexual desires, and the biological clock that determines the aging process. Inside the pineal gland are rods and cones, just like that of our normal eyes.

The gland is activated by light, and controls the various bio rhythms of the body. It is said to produce DMT, a strong psychedelic chemical, known to help connect with the spirit world.

When the pineal gland awakens, one feels a frequency or vibration at the base of the brain. It becomes the line of communication to the spiritual realms. It stimulates the crown chakra which together creates prana or chi (vital energy). With practice the vibrational level of the astral body is raised allowing it to separate from the physical.

This amazing spiritual gateway can be activated by detoxifying the pineal gland (which is often calcified), implementing a special diet, using psychedelic plant medicines (Ayahuasca), and regular spiritual practices like meditation or tai chi.

Many cultures today, and in history have been aware of the pineal gland’s special importance. It is very evident in India, for example people paint the bindi onto the area of the head where the pineal gland is behind. Ancient Sumarians knew of it, as did many others such as… The Vatican, Annuaki, Rastafarians, and even the forefathers of America (represented by the eye symbol on the back of their dollar bill). Even Jesus recognized the pineal gland, as the third eye, which is evident by his words…

“The light of the body is the eye, if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.”

The pineal gland is highly sensitive to fluoride which calcifies it, making it unable to be activated. It is believed many governments put fluoride their cities water supplies in order to keep the masses from awakening which if happened could threaten their levels of control. This is obviously a conspiracy theory, yet it makes sense to me.

If you want to decalcify and activate your pineal gland, stop drinking fluorinated water, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and taking any foods with weird additives or toxins. A good rule of thumb is, if you can’t pronounce it, don’t put it in your mouth. Also, start taking lot’s of raw cacao, and fermented skate liver oil. Of course on top of all that, meditate often.

There are many benefits to an awakened activated pineal gland including astral travel, psychic ability, multi-dimensional perception, and the ability to be in a constant visionary state. This is all due to the activated pineal gland producing DMT (Dimethyltryptamine).



As already stated, the purpose for existence is to evolve. For the ultimate field (existence itself) to evolve, the greater consciousness must evolve.

For the greater consciousness (spiritual realm) to evolve, each individual unit of consciousness must evolve.

For each individual consciousness (each soul) to evolve, each human being (us in body) must evolve.

In other words, we as human beings must endeavor to spiritually evolve. And that means we must live in accordance with love.

The following video shows an example of the type of effect a highly evolved soul can have on others.



The primary obstacle to spiritual evolution is entropy. If entropy occurs we may not evolve but we may even devolve.

Entropy occurs when love is overcome by fear. For spiritual evolution to advance we must overcome fear, and the only way to do this is to fully embrace love.

One of the reasons it is so hard (and there are so many problems in this world) is because entropy seems to be inevitable. Inanimate things eventually become dilapidated, and living things eventually die.

This results in fear that people very often are not even aware of.

Of course there are plenty more reasons for fear, almost all are based on sin.



Karma is the second most prevalent burden a soul must get rid of in order to evolve. Karma can be the catalyst for all sorts of negative states and a soul will sometimes carry karma around, even through multiple lifetimes.

Carrying fear and karma can also be perceived as a kind of spiritual suffering.

Regardless of the body, alleviating spiritual suffering is the first goal for every human being whether he is aware of it or not.

This can be achieved by letting go of fear and embracing love. Doing this is one of the most (if not the absolute most) important spiritual step a human being can make. Spiritual evolution will never happen without at least attempting to let go of fear.

Not only does karma and fear have a negative effect on the soul, but it also has negative effects on the body.

If these demons are not dealt with, they grow into hideous monsters like severe depression and even cancer.

(See further down for information on how to let go of fear and karma.)



Reality is information. Information is energy, and energy is frequency.

There is an infinite amount of frequencies (and frequency rates) in existence, and they all exist at the same time.

That is… up until they are measured… at which point they are transformed into matter.

Reality behaves in accordance with the expectation of the observer.

By focusing our attention and awareness on any particular possibility, we increase its probability (altering its frequency). In other words, at any instance in life there are always multiple outcome possibilities. The one which manifests, is the one being observed. If it were not observed, it would remain as multiple possibilities.

Rather amazingly, the process of observing also alters its previous state. Now, this doesn’t make sense in a three dimensional physical world, yet in quantum physics it has actually been proven. (Delayed choice quantum eraser experiment).

To me, this is another indicator that a spiritual realm (or simulated domain) does indeed exist.

“There is no matter as such. All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force… We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” Quote by Max Planck.



Nicola Tesla said “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

When the frequency of a vibration changes, its shape, sound, and very information, also changes.

We can further understand this by looking into the mechanics of sound. This is called Cymatics. We instinctively understand the vibrational connection of all things through sound, but it can also be scientifically proven through Cymatics.

There are two special frequencies that have a tremendous effect on the human mind and body. Those frequencies are 432hz (Verdis A – natures most consistent frequency), and 528hz (the miracle tone which resonates with the human body and nature).

Both these frequencies are healing for the body, mind and spirit. However, there are also frequencies which are detrimental to the mind, body, and soul. For example 440hz.

By altering the 432hz frequency to 440hz frequency, Nazi Germany propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels was able to manipulate sound to stifle creativity and dull emotion. Thus to some degree he was able to control the masses by keeping them subdued.

Although it’s hard to know healing frequencies which we can not hear, it is extremely beneficial for us to be aware of those which we can. For example, a Mozart symphony is based on the 432hz frequency which effects can be easily noticed. Not only does it sound nice and soothing, it is physically, physiologically, and spiritually healing.

Likewise, you may think that listening to aggressive thrash music is energizing and fun, but it is also physically, physiologically, and spiritually damaging (especially if it’s angry music).



We live in an ocean of motion.

If we could freeze time and then look at something (for example our self) with a super powerful microscope (that could reveal the smallest particles in existence), we would actually see empty space.

As I already stated earlier, this is because it is not physical. The physical realm does not actually even exist. It’s an illusion.

The reason we see and feel physical stuff is because of vibration. All energy in existence is vibrating. It’s moving very very fast to the point it appears as physical.

To me, this is a validation from super string theory that the spiritual realm is what determines the physical world.



Just as every snowflake in nature is unique with its own individuality, so to is each human being. His fingerprint is a stark indicator of this.

God also has a unique fingerprint. This is known as the Fibonacci code (Golden ratio) which is the fractal nature of reality.

Everything created by God has this same geometrical fingerprint.

The golden ratio is an infinite sequence of numbers beginning with 1, By adding the last two numbers in the sequence to make up the following number, we get an emerging sequence which perfectly reflects the structure of nature. (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55… and so on.)

Often forming the shape of a spiral, the golden ratio is found in everything in nature from plants and animals, to stars and galaxies.

Pi is also a number that frequently and incredibly shows up in nature.

By studying mathematics, Pi, and the Fibonacci code, we are again able to combine spirituality with science to reveal the language of reality and the fingerprint of God.

This amazing mathematical evidence is yet one more indicator that our physical realm may be a simulated virtual reality.

The video below explains this mathematical evidence supporting my views of the virtual reality very well.


21/ THE EGO –

The ego is the part of our physical self namely the psyche which controls thoughts and makes decisions. It is a collection of ideas which we carry around which are…

I am what I have, I am what I do, I am what other people think of me, I am separate from everybody else, and I’m separate from what’s missing in my life.

All of these things go against what is the truth of what and who you really are, and so it is necessary to be aware of the ego and not let it run your life.

There are several ways to do this including spiritual practices like meditation, alternative healing modalities, prayer, and even psychedelic experiences.

It is absolutely essential to keep the ego in check for spiritual evolution to take place.



Each one of us is comprised of a thousand trillion trillion atoms. Those atoms make up cells which together form our bodies. We are (each of us) in fact a community of cells.

However, until we directly measure ourselves as physical organisms, we are fundamentally just energy.

When we perceive ourselves in physical form, we must remember that we are just temporary manifestations of that energy.

In reality we are pure energy in motion.

Only when we are finally able to let go of the ego, are we able to recognize ourselves as energy.

Understanding this is the key to completely ending human suffering.

I believe that in the near future science and technology will find a way for us to really understand this concept, and make it possible to actually eradicate human suffering.

(Current studies with psychedelic substances such as Psilocybin and DMT are looking very promising.)

We must let go of the idea that we are separate from the world.

(When we let go of individual survival, all of our priorities change because we actually see the entire world as our body, and other peoples suffering becomes our own.)



Although a soul can still evolve in the spiritual realms, it may evolve a lot faster by adopting the role of a physical human being.

Each incarnation presents a soul with new lessons which can significantly advance its evolutionary progress.

Depending on the role it has adopted, a soul may advance many levels in one lifetime.

Conversely, if lessons are not learned when presented with opportunities, a soul can devolve.

Because the memory and higher knowledge is blocked for each incarnation, each soul is presented with a predicament. The predicament he is faced with is known as the human predicament and must be overcome if any progress is to be made.

It really is a test.

The test is how well we deal with our situation, which asks all the difficult questions, but in the end always comes down to one thing…

How well the soul does in making the most of his experience, or in other words how well he does in being the best human being he can be for his circumstances.

It is all about how well we connect with, and adopt love to overcome fear and karma (and not take on any new karma). If we can achieve this and then go on to help others, we will be making the most of our opportunity.

This will result in significant spiritual evolutionary progress.

If not, and we succumb to the human predicament, we may very well stifle our own evolution, and effectively set ourselves up for an even more difficult incarnation to follow.

Of course, the difficulty of this challenge can vary considerably depending on the circumstances.

For instance if one is presented with the challenge of being in a handicapped body, the difficulty level may be particularly high. Dealing with something like this in the right way can reap huge rewards (in terms of spiritual evolution).

When actually in the spiritual realms, each soul may choose his next particular incarnation. Souls will communicate and contemplate with each other, and also higher beings, for how ever long it takes, before any decisions are made about the next incarnation.



The first thing that happens when our body dies is that we begin to realize something is different. We are no longer in the three dimensional physical realm anymore. The only thing left of our previous state is our soul.

Immediately we start feeling incredibly light, like a massive weight has been lifted from our consciousness. That is because that is exactly what has happened, we have just shed our heavy physical body. It’s a huge relief.

However that sensation only consumes us for a short time, very soon after this realization, a new feeling overwhelms us. For most of us, this will be a feeling of confusion, even panic.

This next phase is the transition phase which we go through before we reach the spiritual realms. This is different for everybody and the way it plays out is determined by our beliefs and fears.

This can take a just a few minutes right up to a few weeks or more. It all depends on how attached we are to our beliefs and fears.

During our physical lifetime we may have developed very strong beliefs and fears which attached themselves to our soul. These need to be let go of.

This transition can be very confusing, and hard to come to terms with.

Luckily for us, there is actually a separate virtual reality frame designed especially for this transition period. It is designed to help us counteract the shock, and guide us through.

When our soul is thrust into this new realm, we may see our loved ones who have already passed on. They may comfort us and welcome us in. We may see Jesus, Allah, or the deity of our belief. We may see the bright light, be overwhelmed by unconditional love, be ingratiated by angels, all sorts of manifestations can happen here.

Depending on our fears and beliefs this transition realm could also involve darkness, demons, emptiness and damnation.

No matter what happens here, it all has to be let go of. The process of letting go of these beliefs and fears is necessary before we can enter the spiritual realms (our true home).

The whole process inside of the transition realm can be likened to waking up from a dream. Our whole life as a human being in a physical body is like a dream, and the transition period is like the process of waking up from that dream. If it was a relatively non traumatic dream with not a lot of attachment to fear or beliefs, we will wake up without too much residue or trepidation. We will be able to let go of it without too much trouble, and the transition period may be quite swift.

But if our dream was filled with emotional attachments and deep rooted beliefs, it could take quite a long time to shake it off. We may very well be filled with trepidation and fear which could take quite a while to dissipate.

I should add that during this transition period, there are also higher beings overseeing the process and guiding us through it. They can be of great help when letting go of our beliefs. We may or may not be aware of them, but they are there.

Eventually we will get through this, and enter into the greater consciousness realm, our souls go home.



After making it home, our souls can now evaluate their progress.

Have they evolved or devolved?

If they evolved they will find themselves in a higher space within the spiritual realm.

If they devolved they will find themselves in a lower space.

The terms higher and lower here are just metaphors, as it is too hard to explain these spaces exactly. (Even the term space is a metaphor.)

We can look at these spaces as levels. The higher levels are closer to God and the lower levels are further away from God. There are 7 higher realms above the physical realm, and 4 lower realms beneath.

Although the lower realms are beneath the physical, the physical realm still remains the hardest. This is because it is the only realm with physical sensations.

Each level is characterized by its vibrational frequency.

Regardless of whether or not a soul knows which level he is on (to begin with), he will know if he has evolved or devolved.

I can not emphasize enough just how huge and significant a feat spiritual evolution is. It is incredibly incredibly important.

A soul can stay in this space for as long as they like, but more often than not, a soul will at some point return to the physical realm (reincarnate) for another human lifetime.

The amount of time spent in the spiritual realm may be very short, especially if the soul has actually devolved from his previous incarnation. He will be eager to get down there and try again.

You may think, why does he bother? Why would he put himself through more suffering when he can stay in this beautiful space full of love and purity?

We need to remind ourselves that although it is full of love and purity, it still has entropy, and it is much harder to evolve in the spiritual realms as there are no physical consequences.

Our soul yearns to evolve. You see, every soul is created equal and is loved unconditionally by God.

Every soul is essentially good.

The consequences on the soul in the physical realm have a lot more weight, and thus have the potential to evolve much more effectively. So if a soul reincarnates and then goes on to live a sinful and atrocious life, he is effectively hurting his own soul. When he eventually returns to the spiritual realm (awakes from the dream), he becomes aware of the harm he caused. This essentially results in him wanting to make up for his errors. A soul who really did cause a lot of harm as a physical human will very likely choose a difficult incarnation the next time. This is purely a desire based on good intentions formed by that very soul on his own accord.

Finding himself in one of the lower spiritual realms (which is a karma thing), a soul feels like he has let himself down (and all the other souls, and God himself), and yearns to be in a higher one. Thus he may very well reincarnate again very soon choosing a difficult challenge (with a lot of potential to spiritually evolve).



Here comes my next contradiction… After just explaining all the different spiritual realms above, I am now going to say that in reality…

All of those realms and levels are in fact one.

All the levels I mention are metaphoric, as although explaining it this way is useful, in reality there isn’t any separation at all. It is actually just one big realm.

Just as all individual units of consciousness are part of the larger consciousness, so to are all the levels of the astral realms just parts of the larger spiritual realm.

However, formulating the reality of one in the minds eye is very difficult, and so breaking everything up into levels allows us to envision our place in the bigger picture…

We must remember it is still just an illusion.

Perhaps a better way to perceive our place in the spiritual realms is to imagine one large field of energy and then smaller clusters of differing vibrations of that same energy within it.

Our individual unit of consciousness (our soul) would then be attracted towards the regions with the most similar vibration to our own.

After joining, it becomes just a part of the whole thing, a massive cloud of energy in motion.

I am still trying to understand how each level in the spiritual realm, and indeed each IUOC in the greater consciousness, distinguishes itself apart from the whole. The concept of how it is, that being its own thing, while at the same time being all one, is still a mystery to me.



It seems the Kabbalah and the tree of life, correlates with my spiritual views (regarding God) in many ways. It says there is a God who is a part of everything or the All.

It split itself up and formed different things in order to see itself. (This seems to tackle my conundrum of having the one but also separation at the same time.)

It created the different plains and it created us, (Just as I believe). As a result we are the reflection of God or the all looking out at itself.

Because we are a reflection of the all or the true God, we have the ability to create our own reality, all though many of us don’t realize that.

The reality around us is changed and shifted by our own mental energies which are believed by the Kabbalah to be linked to the original mental energies of God or the all.

(All of this seems to correlate with my understandings of reality being realized from infinite possibilities until observed.)

The Kabbalah says there are 4 different spiritual plains and 10 different sephirot within those plains. (Very similar to my views of the different spiritual levels inside of the greater consciousness realm or the spiritual realm.)

The Kabbalah gets pretty complicated, especially within each of the sephirot, however, this is something I believe might fit nicely into my current understandings, so it seems this is something I will be looking more deeply into.



You harm yourself, as dust thrown against the wind comes back to the thrower. – Quote from the Buddha.

Every single action has a consequence. The influencing energy between the action and the consequence is how I see karma. It is the law of cause and effect.

For us human beings, some karma, and its eventual consequence, is realized during the physical lifetime, and some is not.

However, it is all of the karma added together during ones lifetime (the collective karma), that determines our spiritual fate.

There are two types of karmagood karma and bad.

Good karma is selfless. It comes from the soul, our higher self.

Bad karma is selfish and comes from the ego. (bad karma can also be considered as evil where evil simply means coming from the self).

So good karma is created from loving acts, and bad karma from selfish (evil) acts.

The human predicament lends itself towards making selfish acts and gathering bad karma far more frequently than we are aware of. It in most cases happens in the subconscious and is based around focusing on, and protecting our self.

All too often, we are creating bad karma without even realizing it. This even happens sometimes when we think we are doing the opposite. A good example of this is as follows…

I am walking along the street and come across a beggar. I give him a couple of dollars and carry on. Now, that might seem like good karma right? But it’s not good karma if the reason I gave the money was so that I could pat myself on the back for doing a good deed. If this was the case, the action would actually be bad karma because it came from a selfish cause. Now, if I gave him the money because I genuinely wanted to help the man, then that’s a different story. It would then indeed be good karma. However, all too often it is the first instance which plays out in our lives.

Now, more times than not, the consequences of karma do actually play out during our lifetime. Bad karma results in suffering and good karma results in joy. Depending on the extremity of the action, the consequences can greatly affect our spiritual well-being (how happy our soul is).

When our physical life comes to an end and our good karma and bad karma is added together, which way do you think it will sway? How well did we do in this game we call life? Did we do enough to make any headway in our spiritual evolution?



Karma is like baggage and garbage that we carry around. It stifles us and it holds us back. It even makes us sick.

We must learn to let go of karma. Until we dump our karma, we will not be able to move forward into a new dimension (higher frequency).

Karma is often carried around for many lifetimes. One of the common ways it manifests is in unhealthy relationships we have with the same people over and over again. By not letting go of that karma, the same consequences manifest time and time again.

By not working it out, we have to come back and do it over again. After each lifetime and while in the spiritual realms, we can identify the issues we encountered and understand how we did not deal with the karma. We may then agree to try again, but this time in different roles. This time, the mother may take the role of father and vice versa. Until this particular karma thing is worked out, we must continue trying until we are successful. (Obviously, this is one of the reasons we reincarnate so many times.)

One of the best ways to release karma is through forgiveness. Karma can easily be let go of by simply forgiving the person and just letting it go. It sounds so simple and straight forward, yet… very often it is harder than it sounds. This is because people find it very difficult to forgive things which are unfair or wicked. However, holding on to these issues produces bad karma, and it really needs to be released.

We must look deeply into each situation or issue to identify the karma. The way to do this, is to first look at the fear involved. How does fear impose itself within the dynamics of the situation? By identifying the fear, we can then realize the love which will also be prevalent. By looking at the situation this way, we have a much better chance of identifying, and working out a way of letting go of the karma.

Getting in touch with our higher self (our soul), and then following its advice (intuition), we are able to determine the steps needed to finally let it go. Those steps may very well include letting the entire relationship end, or it may just require a certain forgiveness on its own. Each circumstance will be different, but no matter what it is, it will probably require forgiveness in some form or another.

The process of letting go of karma is indeed incredibly difficult, but is one of the most important things to take care of during our physical lifetimes. It must be achieved if we are to successfully evolve.



Fear is the strongest emotion that a human being has. It holds us back, and it cripples us.

You will have heard the acronym for fear… F= false E=evidence A=appearing R=real. False evidence appearing real. Well, it’s true. In other words, fear is essentially… an assessment there is a threat lurking.

There are two types of fear which can afflict us…

  1. a physical threat (a threat to our physiology), such as being hit by a speeding car.
  2. a threat to our sense of self (our ego), such as not being considered worthy.

Fear is in the eye of the beholder, and is totally interpretational. For example, if we encounter a large growling dog on the street, we might experience fear because we would see it as a threat. On the other hand, if we grew up with large dogs and understood the dogs growls to be friendly, we would not experience any fear because we would not see it as a threat.

If it does happen to be a valid physical threat, then we should immediately spring into fight or flight mode. However most of the time this will not be the case, and we must try not to be overcome by the feeling.

To deal with fear we must first see it as a challenge rather than a threat. By doing this, we avoid the infusion of hormones and chemicals which make us overly defensive or protective (afraid).

Safety is just the absence of fear and fear is just an interpretation, so if we are not interpreting the moment as fearful then safety is prevalent. In most cases we really are a lot safer than we realize.

So, if the fear is based on something irrational, we must step back and avoid flight or fight mode. Then we must replace our fears with challenges. Next we need to see those challenges as opportunities. If we do all that, then… hey presto, we have just let go of fear.



We all know the world is in pretty bad shape right now. There are wars, poverty, starving children, evil crime, climate change issues, corporations using their customers, suppliers, and everybody else, to accumulate more and more wealth. There’s self centeredness, nastiness, and all sorts of horrible things going on.

I’m sure everybody would agree, there needs to be more love, peace, and caring going on, right?

Well, the way to achieve this and to change the world is to change ourselves first. We must start with our self.

Gandhi said… “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.”

All the negative things that we see going on in the world that are upsetting to us, are symptoms. They are symptoms of a low quality, high entropy consciousness.

When we understand that our physical world is not our true world. That it is a virtual reality… a virtual construct made up from our true spiritual selves, and that our purpose is to spiritually evolve, then people will begin to change.

And when people change, the symptoms of low quality of consciousness will change all by themselves. You see it’s the quality of consciousness that’s the problem. It’s not the dictator, not the president, not the CEO of the corporations who are abusing people, not the politicians. Those are just symptoms of the problem.

The problem is low quality of consciousness.

Doing the quantum experiments (double slit experiment, etc.) that show us our reality is not what we thought, that it’s a virtual construct, understanding what that means in the bigger picture, who and what we are, what’s important and what’s not (in terms of spiritual evolution), decreasing our entropy, increasing the quality of our consciousness, becoming love, and caring about other people…

This is what will change the world.

If we want to live in a kinder, more gentle world…

We have to change ourselves first.



As we realize the human body is not our true self, and the physical realm is not the true realm, we begin to understand how the spiritual realm is in fact the true realm. As already discussed, understanding this, is key to changing the world and bringing more peace, love, and understanding to our everyday existence.

Nevertheless, this virtual reality we have created, is still our most imminent reality and can not simply be disregarded. What is required here, is a new understanding of it. An understanding that includes a spiritual relation to every aspect of it.

What happens within the physical body is actually a reflection of our spiritual state. We can determine our spiritual well-being (the state of our true self) by evaluating our physical state, and vice versa. However it is usually easier to look at our physical state to read the signs rather than the other way around, simply because most of us are not spiritually advanced enough to analyze from the spiritual perspective.

The first thing we need to realize, is that although it is rarely achieved, we do actually have the potential within us, to understand every single possibility in existence. Yes, we can know everything, we are that incredible!

This is what spiritual evolution is all about. We already possess all that we can be, we just haven’t realized it yet.

The first thing we need to do to help us understand our spiritual reality, is to connect with our higher self, our higher state of consciousness (our soul or IUOC).

A body and mind functioning at optimum potential, makes the process of connecting spiritually a breeze. However, physically reaching that level is extremely difficult, so the process usually takes much effort, and time.

Below is a guide I made for myself. It contains a list of all the basics, which I and all physical human beings in the third dimensional reality on earth, can do to greatly increase the odds of fulfilling our purpose. I personally use this as a guide to try and live by.



1/ Love The first thing we do, think, or feel in life is love. In the womb we felt complete and all consuming love. As soon as we were born, it was love we immediately craved for. Love is the number one thing we must be aware of, at all times, during our physical life. The better we connect with love, and learn to let it all consume us again, the better our life will be overall. Everything we do must be in accordance with love. Love is the most important thing in life unreservedly.

2/ Health Health has three main categories which all equally need to be kept in balance, and in best possible condition. These are physical health, mental health, and spiritual health. It is important to check on these every day and make adjustments to each, as needed. Care must be taken that no area of health is neglected. Concentrate on, and combine as often as possible, the following things…

  • Eat well. Healthy diet with plenty of fresh veges, nuts, grains, fruit, and fish. No matter what the food is, the fresher it is, the better. Maintain fluids including plenty of water. Although the vegan, vegetarian diet/lifestyle is optimum, it is not mandatory. Avoid junk food, excessive meat eating or sugary foods.
  • Connect with your higher self. Take time out every day for meditation, yoga, mindfulness, prayer, or self reflection. Practice sitting alone with oneself without any outside stimulation. Maintaining a regime with any of the above is a fantastic way to keep stress levels down, and to connect with your higher self and the greater consciousness.
  • Exercise regularly. Get the blood circulating, including short but intense aerobic work outs, plenty of body stretches, and lot’s of walking. Build muscle where needed with appropriate exercises.
  • Spend plenty of time in nature. Go to the beach, walk in the bush, climb the mountains, swim in the rivers, and generally just get out in the great outdoors. Go barefoot as often as possible as earthing (grounding) is very healing. Wear sunscreen.
  • Socialize and have fun. It is important to spend time just enjoying yourself. Laugh, go out for dinner, watch a movie, go skiing, swimming, picnic or any leisure activity. Spend time with others with the intention of having fun. Experience pure joy in the now without attachment.
  • Keep your brain active. Keep curious and interested. Keep learning and maintain high brain activity. Do puzzles, read books, learn new theories, study, investigate, research, and ask questions. Whatever you do in this area is fine as long as it challenges you, and makes you think.

3/ Love Your Work Get involved with a career, craft, hobby, vocation, or any pastime you love, and work at it. Work hard at whatever it is you have chosen and never quit. If you don’t know what it is you love, keep trying new things until something resonates. If you can make money with this, then that is ideal, but if not, you will need to take care of finances another way.

4/ Be Financially Stable – Find a job, or other means to make money. Make sure you earn enough to cover all the basics, but keep your desires as humble as you can. Never sacrifice your values for the sake of making more money than you need. Avoid greed at all costs, and if you find yourself slipping, make up for it by being charitable. This does not mean you must be poor, it just means you must not be greedy. The closer you become to your higher self, the better your understanding will be of all the sins, including greed.

5/ Think of Others – Think of others before yourself as much as you are able to. Everyday, try to help somebody else in some way. Even if it is just a small way (such as helping an old woman across the road), just make sure you do it. Be empathetic to those around you, and help out as you see fit. Spend plenty of time caring for, and just hanging out with your family. Be the best father, mother, wife, husband, lover, son, daughter, friend, neighbor, or associate you can be. This simply means treat people as you would like to be treated, and be there for them when they might need you. Be kind, and generous. Give what you can (especially your time), and do not expect anything in return. Make sure a day does not pass where you have not helped somebody. This particular recommendation is all about the other. Try to infuse anything you do for others with love.

6/ Hold Your Space – Understand what you stand for. Know your values, keep them high, and live up to them. Be firm but fair. Never let people walk all over you, or take advantage of you. Do not stand by in the face of injustice. Speak up and defend yourself. Defend the other who can not help himself, but do not force your will onto others. Be strong in spirit. Be clear and thoughtful. Listen with the intent of listening. look the person in the eye. Maintain a high standard of politeness. Be respectful. Be understanding and patient. Be aware of ego and do not let it dominate over your better judgement (higher self). Let yourself be from a place of love.

7/ Be Divinely Grateful – Take the time to recognize your mistakes, and take action to redeem yourself. Confess your sins to God, Jesus, or your higher self (your soul). Be grateful to the universe for providing you with abundance, and giving you this opportunity of life. Express your gratitude from your soul and rejoice in the beauty of creation. Be mindful of Jesus who sacrificed his own life to spare yours. Really appreciate how amazing that is, and be sincere in letting his divinity consume your soul. Let go, and let Jesus lead the way. If you can’t do that because you can’t seem to get over the challenge of seeing Jesus as God, then allow your intuitive soul to lead your journey.



The universe is perfectly balanced by natural and moral laws which are regulatory vibrations to maintain order. When you work within the laws, you can be assured of eventual positive outcome. When the laws are transgressed, you can be assured of suffering. The only purpose of which, is to teach a better way.

I believe in the following spiritual laws.

Nothing on earth happens unless through these laws. Each law is interconnected and entwined with the next.

1/ The Law of Divine Oneness – Everything is connected to everything else. All is energy, and all energy is an extension of source energy. Everything we do, say, think, and believe affects others in the universe around us. We are microcosms of the macrocosm. We are all parts of the same source.

2/ The Law of Vibration – Everything in the universe moves, vibrates, and travels in circular patterns. The same principles of vibration in the physical world apply to our thoughts, feelings, desires and wills in the etheric world. Each sound, word, object, and even thought, have its own vibrational frequency, unique unto itself.

3/ The Law of Action – The law of action must be applied in order for us to manifest things on earth. Therefore we must engage in actions which support our thoughts, dreams, emotions, and words. Action is energy in motion.

4/ The Law of Correspondence – This law states that the principles or laws of physics that explain the physical world, energy, light, vibration, and motion, have their corresponding principles in the spiritual world or etheric. What happens on the inside will affect the outside. If you are hectic and stressful, your world will be also. If you are in total bliss, the outside world will mirror that bliss. As above, so below, As within, so without.

5/ The Law of Cause and Effect – This universal law states that nothing happens by chance or outside the universal laws. Every action has a reaction or consequence. If I am thinking successful thoughts, speaking like I am already successful, feeling like a success, and taking successful actions, the end result will have to be success. We reap what we have sown.

6/ The Law of Compensation – This law is the the law of cause and effect applied to blessings and abundance that are provided for us. The visible effects of our deeds are given to us in gifts, money, inheritances, friendships, and blessings. The good that we do eventually comes back to us in different forms, matching the same energy. If you want to increase your compensation, you must increase the value of your contribution. Do more of what you’ve been asked, and you will be compensated abundantly.

7/ The Law of Attraction – This law demonstrates how we attract the objects, events, and people that come into our lives. Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions produce energies which in turn attract like energies. Negative energies attract negative energies, and positive energies attract positive energies.

8/ The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy – This is a very powerful spiritual law. It states that all people have within them the power to change the conditions in their lives. Higher vibrations consume and transform lower ones. Thus each of us can change the energies in our lives by understanding the universal laws, and applying the the principles in such a way as to affect change. At any time, you can switch vibrations from negative to positive. You can always change your conditions. You are never stuck.

9/ The Law of Gestation – The law of gestation or also known as the law of divine timing states that everything has its gestational period or time to manifest. Every thought, word, feeling, and action is a seed. Once nourished with enough focus and energy, that seed germinates into life’s situations and circumstances. Your desires, goals, and innermost thoughts will manifest in divine timing, and not a moment sooner.

10/ The Law of Relativity – This law states that each person will receive a series of challenges (tests of initiation), for strengthening the light within. We must consider each of these tests to be an opportunity and remain connected to our hearts when proceeding to solve the problems. This law also teaches us to compare our problems to others problems, and put everything into its proper perspective. No matter how bad we perceive our situation to be, there is always someone who is in a worse position. It is all relative. It is all respective.

11/ The Law of Polarity – This law states that everything is on a continuum and has an opposite. There can not be hot without cold. There is no up without down. There can not be extreme negative without extreme positive. We can suppress and disperse of negative thoughts and energy, by concentrating on its opposite. If we are negative, we can always switch our vibration to attract positive energy by focusing on the positive. What we focus on expands in our reality.

12/ The Law of Rhythm – This law states that everything vibrates and moves to certain rhythms. These rhythms establish seasons, cycles, stages of development, and patterns. Life is a series of ebb and flow. The tide goes out, and comes back in again. Each cycle reflects the regularity of Gods universe. Masters know how to rise above negative, or challenging seasons by never getting too excited, or allowing negative things to penetrate their consciousness. They focus solely on what they want and so their reality reflects just that.

13/ The Law of Belief – This law states that whatever we fully believe with thought, emotion, and conviction, eventually becomes our reality. We are always creating laws for ourselves based on what we believe to be true. Even if a thing isn’t factually true, our belief will make it so. As Jesus said, it is done onto you, as you have believed.

14/ The Law of Gender – This law states that everything has its masculine (yang) and its feminine (ying) principles, and that these are the basis for all creation. The spiritual initiate must balance the masculine and feminine energies within herself or himself to become a maser, and a true co-creator with God.


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