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The Spiritual Advisor in the Journey of Enlightenment

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Here is Why you Desperately Need a Spiritual Advisor

One of the greatest advisors or guides to seek in life is that of the spiritual advisor or spiritual guide. In this article we will discuss just why such an advisor is so important and beneficial in ones spiritual journey.

One of the greatest journeys you can take in this life is the spiritual journey. Searching for spiritual enlightenment and not straying away from the right path can bring you more peace and fulfillment than anything else in this world.


The Need for Spiritual Enlightenment

We as humans have been created with three main parts: body, spirit and soul. The problems in this world arise because most people are looking to meet the needs of their bodies, but are not looking to enlighten their spirit and discover their true inner being that lies deep inside their soul.

If you want to reap all the benefits that come out of an “illuminated life” and you are ready to achieve more than material success in life, you have come to the right place. On my blog you will have the opportunity to dive deeper into the world of spirituality, mysticism, magic and truth. You will be able to see things from another perspective and will realize that life is indeed beautiful.

However, in order to achieve all of that, you desperately need the help of a spiritual advisor.



Sri Sri Ravi Shankar at the Express Adda in New Delhi on Feb 15th 2016.


What Actually is a Spiritual Advisor?

A spiritual guide or advisor is that experienced person who guides you in the process of discovering your true spirituality. He or she is like a mountain guide who is eager to take you to the highest peaks of success, self-awareness, perception and happiness.

Getting to the peak from the valley of mundane life is a difficult process, especially if you have no experience whatsoever in spiritual matters. That is where a spiritual teacher comes in, offering you constant guidance in both physical and spiritual worlds. A spiritual advisor helps you reach heaven by rediscovering how beautiful Earth is.

A spiritual advisor is slightly different from a psychologist or a lifestyle coach. While a psychologist focuses mainly on the changes you need to make in your life in order to achieve a whole new degree of freedom, happiness and peace, and a lifestyle coach teaches you how to stay fit and dress properly, a spiritual teacher guides you along the way to prosperity and lets you make your own choices.

The difference is huge. Spiritual advisors help you open your eyes and see more clearly the path you need to take by removing all the stress factors from your life. Conversely, psychologists and lifestyle coaches teach you how to deal with the daily stress in life. There is a clear difference between learning how to cope with stress and learning how to elude it.


What is the Precise Role of a Spiritual Guide?

A spiritual guide or advisor is well equipped to help you achieve spiritual enlightenment. A spiritual advisor may be a psychic who could capitalize on his physic and divination abilities to give you clues on how to make the most out of each moment, could be a religious guide or a cleric who would advise you to get to know God better, or simply just a wise person willing to share with you some of his knowledge.

Even though there are many types of spiritual advisors, the main goal of every single one of them is to help you live a better life, full of accomplishments and successes, while getting to enjoy a increased level of interior balance, peace and joy.


Spiritual Guru Mata Amirthananda Mayi Spiritual Advisor


How can you Identify a True Spiritual Advisor?

In order to leverage the knowledge, expertise and help of a spiritual advisor, it is necessary to find a true spiritual leader. While fake advisors will more than often fall into temptation and spend most of their time and energy looking for material gains, true spiritual leader will always soar above these material needs. In the end, the spiritual advisor is the one who has achieved enlightenment and is eager to share it with you.

Genuine spiritual advisors have spent a great deal of time improving their spiritual level of knowledge and attaining spiritual enlightenment. This makes it easy for them to heal your wounds, fears and depression, and to guide you on the path towards happiness.


Here are some of the characteristics of a true spiritual advisor/guide:

  • He is completely selfless and does not want to put his own needs above the needs of his followers
  • He is full of love
  • He knows the difference between material success and real success in life
  • He respects his students and does not try to take advantage of anything they might try to offer him
  • He lives a life full of integrity; his actions always follow his words
  • He never portrays himself as a prophet or a guru
  • He never compares to other teachers and spiritual advisors, but has learned the true value of humility


Spiritual Advisor Guide Bhuda


3 Reasons to Work with a Certified Spiritual Counselor

There are many spiritual advisors who are not yet certified. Yes, they have a lot of experience and have made quite a name for themselves. With all that, they have never followed a spiritual certification program.


Here are three important reasons why you need to work with a certified spiritual advisor:

  1. He is tested: certified advisors have undergone a complete testing process. The testing was more than often conducted under demanding and rigorous conditions. A certified spiritual advisor knows how to work under pressure and can cope with a busy schedule and with several people who are in desperate need of help from him.
  2. He is dedicated: certification requires dedication. If a spiritual leader is certified in his field, it means that he cares about the services he provides to his students and is willing to go the extra miles in order to ensure that he will be able to help anyone, regardless of age, sex or situation.
  3. He abides by higher standards: certification sets mediums, wise men and spiritual leaders apart from the pack. By being certified, a spiritual advisor tells you that he abides by a high standard and follows certain rules, policies and ethics.


How a Spiritual Guide Can Help in Your Life Video

Check out this video (below). It is actually very interesting, of a girl talking about her spiritual advisor and how having such a person in her life has helped so very much.


If you want to find true happiness in life and achieve a new level of success, you may surely like to pursue a spiritual advisor. Keep reading other articles on my blog to find out more useful information about how a true spiritual advisor or guide can help you in life and even beyond.

Do you have a spiritual guide or advisor? Please leave a comment below…

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