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Decision at The Restaurant

You arrive at the restaurant but can not see Tessa. You search all the tables and even the bathrooms but she is not anywhere. There are several people eating at the tables but also several empty tables. You recognize a family eating at a table near the bar who you had met earlier as the family staying in the room next to yours. You also see a table right at the end of the restaurant next to the window overlooking the beach. An old man with big yellow beard is eating at that table alone.

What do you do next?

  1. You decide to head back to your room in case Tessa has finally returned.
  2. Head over to the family you recognize to ask if they have seen Tessa.
  3. Ask the waiter to show you your table and go sit there to wait for Tessa.
  4. Head over to the old mans table and ask him if he might have seen Tessa.