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Discover Your Destiny

Read the following story and then make your choices. You must reach your mission goal in as few turns as possible, and try not to die along the way. Good luck my friend, and choose wisely.

You are Clay, a young 25 year old guy from Memphis in Tennessee, USA. You are on your third day of your first overseas trip with your girlfriend, childhood sweetheart, Tessa. You have just arrived at a small fishing village in Turkey called Kas. You and Tessa had already booked a room at the Peninsula Gardens, a 5 star retreat near Kas, and were just settling in before dinner. Tessa decides to go for a short stroll along the seashore before you head up to the restaurant but does not return. Your mission is to find Tessa in as few turns as you can, and to do it without dying.

What do you do next? Choose the option that you think is most likely to lead you to find Tessa. You only have one chance so consider your options carefully.

  1. Head on up to the restaurant thinking Tessa may have just thought she’d meet you there.
  2. Head on down to the seashore where you last saw Tessa walking towards.
  3. Head to the other rooms in the retreat to ask if anybody has seen Tessa.
  4. Stay where you are and hope she will return soon.