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About This Website

Welcome to Thought Rabbit!

Thought Rabbit is a website about lots of stuff, but its primary focus is on matters of spirituality, truth, magic, mystery and mysticism. There are so many interesting and important things to know about in these realms and I hope to cover many of them. Other topics this site covers include world affairs, war and politics, conspiracies and truths, history, religion, mythology and tradition, science, philosophy, and matters of the cosmos, the supernatural, health related info, incredible inventions, amazing and mysterious stories, and other interesting and or eclectic matters.

I think the aim of life is to be our best selves and to be deeply happy. Don’t you agree? We have so much potential especially in a spiritual sense and many of us are unaware of just how amazing we really are. This is place to learn and discover things of the heart, mind, soul and beyond. The better we know ourselves and our existence, the better we can help ourselves, each other and the world in general. Do you agree with that?


Open your eyes and see that life is beautiful


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I really appreciate your links and social mentions, but I also encourage you to comment on any of the articles on this website and give your opinions on the matters discussed. Many different points of view often help with the overall picture of things, plus it is just interesting to read your thoughts. Your input really is valued!

Thank you and enjoy your time on my website!

PS: My name is Sam and I live in New Zealand. I am the author of many of these articles and I am also the “ThoughtRabbit”. Cheers Big Ears!